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EDGE PLAY, IT’S DARK, SCARY & DANGEROUS….. what is it? It is types of sexual play that are considered to be pushing on the edge of the traditional S.S.C. (safe, sane and consensual) creed. In the new D/s~M , you can bring light to this dark subject and make it your own…. Play with an edge.. What used to be literal can be somewhat figurative in D/s~M.

Edgeplay is usually defined in three ways: Only to be done Consensually and respectfully.



  1. Edgeplay is SM (Sadomasochism is the giving and/or receiving of pleasure—often sexual.) play that involves a chance of harm, either physically or emotionally. It’s also subjective to the players involved; what is risky for me might not be risky for you and visa versa. A few examples of edge play are fireplay,  Electro- play, breath play:erotic asphyxiation and blood play.

  2. Edgeplay can also literally mean play with an edge.  Some examples of this play are cutting, knives, swords and other sharp implements.

3. Any practice which challenges the limits or boundaries of one or more of the participants.

(submissives guide & Wikipedia)


Should you go out on the edge? The ledge…… Jump! Even if its only one step at a time…..








# 3!!!  Is probably the term most used with D/s~Married couples. Being Married you start with a LONG list of Hard Limits… Breaking through those limits, Challenging those boundaries in your D/s~M  Lifestyle is your Edging…


….. but with-in 6 months your list of Hard Limits ….well becomes soft! LOL!( Hopefully, that’s all that becomes soft… Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Most of us have been in marriages for an extended amount of time and have earned and grown great trust (An assured reliance) with one another. This trust lends to a great D/s relationship. You can reach higher heights with this true trust… This trust is from not wanting it but actually having this trust between the two of you. You will quickly find that you are eager for more.. Edging or pushing your limits, enjoying every second of this part of your journey.




I encourage you to find these hard limit items and find ways to make them fun for one another. Review them in your “downtime” and make it what you both want and enjoy. You will even surprise yourself sometimes! Leave the more EDGIER things for the future or tomorrow… LOL!




???  I would like to hear from experienced subs out there…

What was your first Hard Limit item that you ran over, stomped on and surpassed that was soooo FUN! ?????






Little Kaninchen


(( ))O






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    1. LK,

      That is MY hard limit and anyone that has been following for any amount of time knows that it is not your hard limit… I believe that you are down to one hard limit and maybe that one is gone now.

      You would appear to be eager for this experience.

      Would that be me edge playing myself?


      Mr. Fox

  1. My first hard limit to get tossed out the window was bondage. I didn’t mind my hands being held down (much), but any kind of actual bondage was out of the question, especially if there was a blindfold involved.

    The first time Husband ever asked if I would be ok with him handcuffing me, I laughed in his face (this was back when we were dating). When we first started toying around with the idea of D/s, his first question was “Do you trust me?” I said that of course I did! What a silly question! That day he went and bought a set of super soft wrist restraints, and had me wear them that night. Didn’t clip them to each other or to anything, just had me wear them. I was shaking, I was so scared.

    Now? I practically beg for my ankle and wrist restraints!

  2. Beautiful post…I must say this is a lovely site LK, Mr Fox! Yea, we are journeying, and yesterday’s hard limit is today’s thing to explore. I had a most unexpected session from the retiring domme when she did a lot of CBT on me…I mean that has been a hard limit…but I let her, and she did it most expertly and beautifully…taking me places I had never been. Especially the catheter….:)

  3. Edging and edge play are different.. LOL!
    Edging my Sir loves to do to me… It does add to the build !

    You will find that you want more intensity each time.. my Sir reminds me constantly that he makes those decisions and acts with more intensity when he wants to…. :o)

  4. with sounds…. Like AHHHHH! Oh Shit! No Way! Running feet in the other direction… LOL!
    Just kidding…. John is a stand up guy and I want only the best for him so if sound is better then sound he should have… HUGS JOHN!
    Super cool guy … check out his blog!


  5. Lk Great post once again. Wow..Hard limits.. If I really thought about it, I would have quite the list..lol But starting this journey I had a Back end hard limit that was just voodoo for me. With every passing week and alot of trust we have conquered this hard limit !!

    1. Sweetness,
      The back door was one of my biggest hard limits too. My Sir has taken care of that though. And it took a little while.
      I think I read a post on hispetitelle’s blog about back door sex….
      Anyways, Now I love some back end play!! So naughty but fun! 😉

      1. It was scary… I had trouble finding a plug at first and went to my friend http://www.theperfectslave.com ….. She knows everything ASS… She showed me that its not all in S, M, L plugs… Practice .. Practice… Now I have worked past it and now I luv it.. It’s still tough sometimes and my Sir uses a wand on my clit while he enters me… at first.. It’s becoming my fav quickly!


    2. LBP & SSB Yes the trust factor is amazing.. and even though it took awhile, I am glad he pushed me. Back end play can be very orgasmic!!! But the main thing is that my sir gets the pleasure he so deserves!!

  6. Hard limits…I have very few hard limits…to be honest, we haven’t approached any of them. All of my soft limits are gone though. None left of those! The first one gone was anal sex! We both really wanted this, but I was too scared to try. Once I gave myself to him, it was easy to get past the fear, total trust, and a kind loving Sir made that one a piece of cake!

  7. My Sir and I haven’t broken any of our hard limits, but we have broken some of our soft ones and some of the hard ones have transitioned to soft ones. Most of our mutual hard limits have stayed the same, but it’s more to do with a mutual lack of interest in those activities. 😛

    What I do find interesting is that overtime, a few of the hard limits I would have considered as “staying hard” have become soft – for instance, knife-play. Initially both Sir and I considered it a hard limit, but about 2 months ago it became a soft limit, and then a non-existent limit. Around last week I realized it had become a soft-limit for me. Not because he tried to convince me, or anything like that, it just… sort of became it. Like, my biggest worries around it have been set aside by that I trust him not to hurt me.