Cuff Me!


Cuff me

I keep my eye out for those little luxurious treats…

This new wave of Dominates and submissives are into their luxuries…

Found these from Louis Vuitton …
I believe approx.

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Little Kaninchen

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          1. Little Kaninchen,


            Maybe I should review my rules and look for the “I’m too horny to sleep” exemption clause.


  1. Please help the unintiated understand cuffs? Is this something for bedroom/play time alone? Is it just mechanically easier to bond with cuffs on? I realize it’s bondage stuff… but is it the mental aspect too? And collars? Again, I’m having a hard time with that concept. I feel that along the continuum of D/s and BDSM, there is a point where submissive becomes slave and then even “pet” and then I feel lost and uninspired. I’m all about his control over me as a man, a dom, my husband, but not his disrespect or treating me like an animal (not that I’d ever fear that… he just isn’t wired that way, even in a play sense).

    1. Desiring Discipline,

      In the world of BDSM all of the titles and acronyms can become confusing. I am certain that I will stand to be corrected, however I will share my interpretation to your questions.

      The cuff that LK has displayed a picture of is a piece of jewelry. It is made by Louis Vuitton. It would be something worn in public with vanilla people who wouldn’t realize it’s significance.

      Yes a real BDSM cuff would make it much easier to restrict ones movement. They would have attachment points to either tie from or use clips.

      My LK has two collars that she is to where in public with the vanillas. They are necklaces purchased at a jewelry store. You would never realize their significance to us unless you knew about our lifestyle. LK has other collars that she would wear at home.

      Submissive –

      Slave –

      Pet –

      In my eyes, these are three completely different lifestyles. Little Kaninchen and myself are D/s. (dominant / submissive)

      I believe D/s to be the complete opposite of any disrespect. Both partners have the utmost respect for one another, always. This is the true underlying beauty of the whole thing.

      The lost and uninspired feeling may come from blending all of the different lifestyles together and becoming confused.


      1. Thank you, HusDom for explaining that to me. I think I’m doomed to be a perpetual novice at this… It makes me feel better that you see distinctions… and I don’t see DH and I going beyond the D/s aspect. As for collars… not doing it for me and I think my husband would be mortified at the concept. We are so damned vanilla… well, I’m not but I’m not counting on my DH going very far down this rabbit hole. My only terms of reference come from the Story of O, and she was marked in very specific and intimate ways to show she was owned (and not just dominated…). While it was sort of hot, it was scary too.

        1. Desiring Discipline,

          Forget the labels…

          Forget what others are doing…

          Forget the collars…

          Forget the scary stuff..

          Do what you and DH enjoy…

          Make it your own…


        2. I look at Sir collaring me inside or outside bedroom as he is crowning me… I wear his crown and he s my king. I am his queen and he treats me as so… I’m in process of writing a blog now on crowning and collaring.. ❤