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March subMrs Community Theme

March, we’ve been waiting on your MADNESS! NO, it’s not Easter yet, but bunnies begin to be celebrated this month! All subMrs’ need to celebrate as the Hares do in March! We all know what bunnies do best, WINK WINK!

March’s community theme is all about “Madness, Mad as a March hare”. March’s animal representation is the Rabbit. The question is, what kind of great madness can you get onto this month on subMrs?

We are All Mad Here

The first Mad Hare most of us were introduced to was The character, The March Hare that appears in the tea party scene in Lewis Carroll’s 1865 book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Quoting Alice, “The March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps as this is May he won’t be raving mad – at least not so mad as it was in March.”

The saying “Mad as a March Hare” comes historically from long-held view that the hares behave strangely and excitedly throughout its breeding season, which in Europe peaks in the month of March. This behavior includes boxing matches with other hares, jumping straight up for no reason at all.


Where did this month get it’s name? March was the start of the year for the Romans. The beginning of spring was the time when everyone could go out and start fighting each other, so the month was named after Mars, the Roman god of war and agricultural guardian.

Mars was considered more level-headed than the often impulsive and disruptive Ares (The other God of War, Greek), Mars was also seen as a more virtuous figure by the more martial-oriented Romans. As a protector of Rome and the Roman way of life and as a defender of city borders and frontiers, important festivals connected to warfare were held honoring him. Mars was also closely associated with the wolf and woodpecker.

This Month‘s Calendar

we will discuss all things March, some expected and some NOT so expected such as;

SEX TOY WORKSHOP: The Rabbit Sex Toy, it may not be furry but its fierce. We will discuss all toys rabbit related.


subMrs Fitness: Mad about Nutrition? Spring into Nutrition

Masochism/Pain Play: Making Sense of the Madness Masochism

New subMrs LIVE CHAT: The Marriage Secret Chat | Where to Next

Article Topic: M.S.S. Madness or A.K.A. sub-frenzy

Seasoned subMrs Chat: subMrs Charm/Virtual St. Patrick Celebration!

Lots of Twisted Holidays to Inspire couple’s playtime!

Awareness this month: Prostate Health

So, this month MARCH into your submission with a SPRING in your step… and maybe a rainbow of gold!



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