ATTENTION: Community Members | Librarian/s WANTED! | Erotica Book Club Leader

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Hello everyone! subMrs is looking for a librarian/s. This person should first of all LOVE to read…. not just listen but READ EROTICA & BDSM. This person also needs to be an out of the box thinker and want to help us create a new way to have a book club! We don’t want to be like every other BOOK CLUB out there. We want to give our members the book club experience that keeps them CUMMING…… back for more!

Please email me if you are interested in becoming a part of the team here on subMrs! LK@subMrs

Responsibilities May Include: (Training will be provided, but previous familiarity is very appreciated though.)

  • Live Zoom Chats
  • Pre-recorded Chats
  • Book Club Group Leader: Group Forum: posts, articles, exercises and images monthly.

This is a volunteer position, for those who just want to pay it forward to others, however, subMrs will purchase your books for all the chats.

*We ask that authors do not apply for position as it could be a conflict of interest. Please also note the TERMS of Service as we ask for NO SOLICITATION RULE as well.

Little Kaninachen


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