MWT: Announcing “Married with a Twist Podcast”

I couldn’t be more excited to finally be hosting my own podcast. Today’s Married with a Twist Podcast session is the big reveal of a project we have been working on in secret for quite some time now.

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Married with a Twist



Little Kaninchen:
Greetings everyone lk here, Little Kaninchen, the founder of and creator of the married dominance is submission method, the sexiest marriage accessory.

I’m very excited today to announce that subMrs™ is launching a brand new podcast on September 30, 2020, Married with a Twist. Come fall down the rabbit hole and we will have a fabulous time discussing all things Married Dominance and submission.

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Show Notes:

  • Look for Married with a Twist in your favorite podcast app. If you don’t see it listed continue to check on its status. Some providers take a few weeks to list it.
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Little Kaninchen

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