Married submissive

Married submissive | D/s-M


The authors of subMrs™ & husDOM™ are a happily married, monogamous couple with children, who until recently lived the quintessential middle-class suburbia life. Exactly what society would expect of them.

They found themselves middle-aged, successful and basically unhappy. How could this have happened to them? They had achieved their goals to this point. Everyone who knows them views them as successful, conservative and happy. What was wrong with their relationship?

Four months after their journey into erotic submission began they began this website to document their feelings and experiences. On day one of their journey, their desire and happiness was replenished. In fact, with each passing day their happiness continues to grow.

What they share today is a completely healthy, caring and loving relationship. They have discovered how to truly communicate. How to hear one another. Not just listen, but understand each other.

They are completely honest with one another. The deepest, darkest most vulnerable secrets that they used to keep to themselves for fear of embarrassment or worse, they now openly share without fear of rejection, judgement or ridicule.

As you follow them through their journey into the world of BDSM, you may discover that you have many similarities to them. That is if you are honest with yourself! Their thoughts, their feelings and their desires may begin to mesh with yours. After all, they are the typical middle class married couple.

Married submissive

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